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"In 2017 I was involved in a car accident that completely changed my life. Fractured ankle , sprained knee & injuries to my spine. I never recovered fully from any of my injuries or received the proper treatment. Throughout the years I’ve been experiencing discomfort, pain, struggles with my daily physical activity such as work , sleep , exercising i became depressed my anxiety was out of control , I gained weight I felt horrible & hopeless. I finally changed my primary dr and my new dr spoke highly about energy physical therapy. I’ve been coming here for almost 4 months and never felt better! After my first session with Yaneth she examined my knee with severe swelling & tension. She had me start with with light exercises & stretching and continued with ultrasound therapy , massage and cold compression. WOW I felt immediate results! Yaneth has been very helpful, she listens asks questions and stays updated with my pain level and what we should work on that day. I love starting my day with therapy sessions ? She’s amazing! The front staff is great very helpful with booking my appointments and help change my appointments if needed without any problem. Overall this place is amazing. Will definitely recommend to friends & family. Thank you Energy physical therapy! Kimberly. "
Mar 21, 2024
"I am very pleased with services here with Janet. My back had been aching for years and years and I no longer feel my back pains. She is a lovely lady thank you so much for everything. "
Mar 07, 2024
"I arrived at Energy Physical Therapy on February 8th for an evaluation of my left hip, which had been hurting for so long that I can hardly remember a day without pain. I hardly slept nights because at night the pain would radiate down my entire leg, making sleep an impossibility. I was given a bi-weekly schedule of 12 sessions and was to return Monday the 12th of Feb. for my first session. At my first session, on the 12th of Feb., I was greeted by Janet who immediately made me feel at ease. She was very kind and compassionate, as well as extensive in her questioning. After talking about the location and severity of my pain, Janet worked with me, doing exercises and stretches for my hip. After we had done several different exercises and stretches, we went to a private room for therapy. Janet finished off the session with ultrasound and heat therapy as well as massage. I really felt an improvement upon leaving! Everything she had me do, and everything she did, made a huge difference. I felt amazing!!! When I went to bed that night, I didn't even notice that I wasn't in my usual pain, and thought it was my imagination when I realized I wasn't. That was the 12th of February. When I returned on the 15th, after a few stretched and questions, she discovered that it was not tight hips giving me the pain, but the sciatic nerve in my left glute (butt muscle) was what was causing the constant pain. I have only had 4 sessions total with Janet, but I must say she is some sort of miracle worker!!! Her broad approach to my therapy has been amazing! Janet is so knowledgeable and caring, and her method to my healing is very comprehensive. She asks so many questions, and provides me with so much helpful information, every time I see her. I have followed all her advice on improving the ways I perform daily physical activities, so I don't get hurt or pull muscles, as well as continuing her exercise and stretching routines on the days I don't have physical therapy sessions with Janet. She has even retrained me on how to properly get out of bed. LOL ; )) Janet you are amazing!!!!!! Thank you for making me feel so much better and for finally being the one to relieve me of my pain! I love YOU, Janet!!! Sincerely, Alycia Karidis"
Feb 22, 2024
"I have been coming to Energy PT twice a week for a few weeks now. I can’t say enough good things about this place. Lauren my PT is AMAZING . She explains everything very thoroughly, we do the exercises together & she watches all my movements to make sure it’s done correctly, & at the end of each session, she gives me a handout to practice at home. I have seen a HUGE IMPROVEMENT since I have been here. Thank you so much Lauren!!! This will now be the only place I would go to if I ever need ANY physical therapy. Also the front staff are very helpful & always acknowledge me when I sign in. Thank you."
Feb 22, 2024
"To anyone looking for a physical therapy office, I definitely recommend Energy Physical Therapy in Encino, CA. The staff is so kind and helpful. I always leave satisfied after my appointments. They genuinely care for my well-being and are very patient and listen to any questions or concerns I may have. I’ve never had any issues or unpleasant visits here. The staff goes above and beyond, especially Janet! "
Feb 21, 2024
"She improved.. she love to come … she walks more better…. Thank you !! "
Feb 12, 2024
"Janet my exercise therapist is good and exceptional when it comes to keeping me motivated and encouraged. I can feel the progress. In two days it will be a month without vertigo. Her exercises for that worked so well ?. My knees and feet have come a long way. Going down stairs is my most difficult task. Up is a lot better. Even my back and shoulders have benefited. I'll give her a ten for her one on one exclusive focus attention and dedication while working with me. Her encouragement gave me hope when the pain was unbearable she kept me motivated to continue especially when vertigo was a present threat at every session. Thank you Janet for taking such good care of me these last 6 weeks...see you soon for another 6 weeks..."
Jan 29, 2024
"Energy Physical Therapy have the nicest and kindest therapists, as well as, a great office staff. My therapist, Chez, has been diligent and supportive in my recovery after my hip replacement. He has been respectful of my individual needs and goals, which was returning to golf, an activity that I love. I can’t say enough about this center and Chez! "
Dec 26, 2023
"Yaneth is amazing & helpful therapist. She makes sure you're comfortable with every exercise you do. She make sure the exercises are appropriate to target the affected area. She take her time with you & never rush through the appointment. She really care about your well-being. I highly recommend her. "
Dec 07, 2023
"I wanted to come on here to give a review for Energy Physical Therapy and Janet who I have been working with for some time now. The staff in the receptionist area always greet me and check me in quickly which I appreciate, they also always remind me of my appointments and send a text which keeps me on track. Janet is my physical therapist and I really appreciate that she always greets me with a smile and energy anytime I arrive. I can tell she truly cares about my progress and is not only there to help me physically but also with my morale and dealing with my physical pain. She always goes above and beyond with her therapy and I truly appreciate the work she puts in. Thank you energy physical therapy. "
Nov 12, 2023
"Luba is fantastic! She worked with my limitations and got my Ankle flexible and I was walking again. With her diligence and skill, I went from hobbling to walking a block. It was life renewing just to walk without stumbling. She graduated me to walking and riding an exercise bike. Thank you Luba!"
Nov 08, 2023
"Very nice staff and very efficient run place. Janet is fantastic - warm and friendly and really excellent at her job. I can’t recommend her enough!"
Oct 26, 2023
"Janeth is wonderful! She is caring and professional. She always makes sure I am exercising with correct posture and is very tough about doing the motion carefully and correctly. I feel so much better as a direct result if Yaneth’s coaching and skill. Thank you Yaneth and Energy physical therapy!!"
Oct 25, 2023
"I worked with Janet and she is amazing! I had no clue there were so many stretches and exercises to help me regain my mobility! I slowly started feeling like myself again with the aid of the traction machine and numerous things Janet implemented, I’ve noticed I can find comfort and sleep through the night and my posture has improved! I was involved in a car accident, my lawyer sent me to a hole-in-the-wall, dirty place that didn’t do anything! Then my doctor referred Energy, now I feel like I can move and sleep without discomfort. "
Aug 24, 2023
"Just on my second appointment with Janet and she has already got me feeling better. My sessions with her have been really helpful. "
Aug 23, 2023
"Energy physical therapy has the best physical therapist and friendly staffs. Nothing but good words an I’m extremely happy with them. Highly recommended."
Aug 09, 2023
"PT Energy issl the best physical therapy facility. Lauren has helped me find comfort through proper movement and by paying attentiontodetails. I've been to other PT groups and they did not help me improve my shoulder and back discomfort like I have enjoyed with PT Energy. My physical therapist has helped me so much at PT Energy. Knowledgeable and focused. The best!"
Aug 09, 2023
"I've been to many physical therapy shops and I love them all. But energy physical therapy has the best physical therapists i have ever seen. From what I've learned from them I take it home and I do it at home as well and I can feel and see and witness my own progression from disability to ability. "
May 31, 2023

This place is AWESOME!!!! I had ACL reconstructive surgery Feb 2019 my insurance gave me a different facility without individual instruction. After complaining they sent me to Energy Physical Therapy. I’ve made MORE progress in the two months than the my previous therapist that started working with me immediately after my surgery.


Absolutely the best physical therapy location in the SoCal area. Nothing but good words about this place since the start of my treatment.


This is a great place for physical therapy. I’ve been to several places in the past and most are like mills. Most give little one on one time with a therapist or assistant but not Energy Physical Therapy. You are with someone your whole visit every time.


I fractured my femur, had surgery and when I started with physical therapy I was in a wheelchair. All of the physical therapists are good. I am extremely happy with Energy Physical Therapy and would definitely refer them.


Energy Physical Therapy has been a great experience! Staff around is friendly and being mindful about Covid. The area looks clean and well kept. Thank you Energy Physical Therapy!


Came here for my knees from a track and field injury, the staff is great and supportive! They explained everything so well and helped me get back to normal.


I’m so happy that my primary care physician referred me to Energy Physical Therapy!

The staff here are so knowledgeable and caring. They give you advice to heal you, unlike many other places that only offer temporary solutions. Highly recommended.


Energy Physical Therapy is a great place to learn how to take care of my body.


This place is very nice and clean. Everyone is friendly here. They always confirm the appointments.

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